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Meet the Host of the College Life podcast, 
Alicia Sepulveda, PhD

Follow your dreams and use college to make your dreams reality. 

Alicia Sepulveda

Speaker, College Life Coach, Podcaster, Researcher, Founder of Make College Yours, LLC

I believe in a world where every college student has the potential to make positive change.


Alicia has provided individual coaching for 1000+ college students from diverse backgrounds across the United States. She helps students identify and reach their short and long term goals, helping them see beyond what they believe is possible. She helps them explore what they want to do with their life, build confidence, connect to their purpose, explore their hopes, their fears, and limiting beliefs. Students feel:









Most of these students also want to make a difference in the world.

They want to know what to do, and they want to know exactly how to do it. They crave confidence before they take action and they know they are missing out on deep, meaningful human connection. They want practical ideas, strategies, and help figuring this life out. They've heard about all the resources on campus (well maybe!) but they haven't tried them. Check out her signature talk to learn how she can help transform students to take inspired action toward their goals and use college to create meaningful change in the world.

Alicia grew up in a small town called Bushnell, Florida. She was first in her family to go to college and attended Florida State University. She grew up thinking there were 3 options for her to pursue - teacher, doctor, or lawyer. She was most familiar with teacher, and she chose to major in Elementary Education. In the middle of her junior year, she realized that she had no interest in continuing with an education major. She didn't know anyone on campus to help her. She knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, but had no idea how or what that could even look like. Alicia struggled with confidence, self love, anxiety, and finding happiness and purpose. 


She ended up graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Child Sciences and then earned her Master's Degree in Social Work. She has worked as an academic success coach at Florida State University, a College Success Coach at a non-profit college access organization, and currently serves as an academic coach at a university. She earned her Doctorate Degree at University of Northern Colorado where she also helped create and research a coaching program for students who were considering leaving the institution. 

Alicia is the Host of the College Life podcast, which is a free resource for college students across the world. She started the podcast because of a research project she was doing to explore how students come to realize their purpose, passion, and goals. The students she interviewed were incredible, vulnerable, passionate, and had limiting beliefs. She also saw this in the students she coached. She knew she had to encourage more students to share their stories, not with her, but with one another. And she knew she had to help them overcome their limiting beliefs so they would go out and make positive change. 

Alicia is a trained Academic Life Coach and has authored several research articles. She reads on a consistent basis to learn more about how to help college students.

Personally, Alicia is happily married and lives with her husband, dog, and kiddo in Boulder, Colorado. She reads self help books, enjoys making friends with strangers, practices gratitude, does Crossfit, enjoys coffee, and loves nothing more than having real, authentic, vulnerable conversations. 

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